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Introducing Mantis Communications
A Full-Service Communications Agency

Hello, my name is Kerry Simpson and I am a PR and Communication Specialist.
Kerry Simpson
Founder and Director
About Mantis Communications

Mantis Communications is a full-service communications company established by Kerry Simpson, a specialist PR and Communications Consultant.

Kerry has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Corporate Communications from the University of Johannesburg, having majored in marketing management and corporate communications.

Kerry officially embarked on her communications career in 2007 and has since gained extensive PR experience spanning the full spectrum of communication media. She has worked across a number of sectors including healthcare/pharma, technology/IT, financial services, travel/tourism, corporate communications and retail. She also has in-depth experience of digital and social media platforms and their value within the communications mix.

Kerry is a professional, experienced consultant with a ‘hands-on’ approach and the ability to multi-task and meet tight deadlines. She prides herself on exceptional service, a strong work ethic and great client relationships, so you can rest assured your business is in the right hands.

In 2019, Kerry founded Mantis Communications. This was a natural progression for her, after working in smaller agency environments for most of her career. Operating as a strategic hub with a core network of partners, Mantis Communications is the solution to all your communications needs.


Bringing balance to your business.

Mantis – derived from the word ‘praying mantis’ ‒ is a symbol of good luck, bringing guidance, knowledge, skill and creativity; communicating with intention to inspire change, and helping others to achieve clarity, direction and fulfilment.

Strategic Communication

Internal Communication

Social Media Management

Media Relations & Publicity

Blogger & Influencer Engagement

Small Scale Event Management

Copywriting & Content Creation

Digital Communication

Issue & Crisis Communication

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